Angkor, etc.

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"The only unspoilt village is the one no outsider has ever visited, not even you."

While this is extreme in its denial of any positive element of global integration, it makes the point about the corrosive effect of tourists on local communities, for the evidence demonstrates that "destinations" in the developing world reap little from tourism. A grievous example of the underside of tourism is Siem Reap and Angkor, Cambodia. Hundreds of new hotels, bars, restaurants and shops cater to affluent tourists yet, there remains a shabbiness and sense of neglect to those aspects of the town that should shine from promised "prosperity." Hotel workers, guides and taxi drivers toil for their foreign guests yet can barely cover living expenses. A great widening divide exists between host and guest. Between hotel rooms at six hundred dollars per night and hotel workers making fifty dollars each month; between the magnetism of good jobs and the cutthroat labor practices; between everyday lives and holiday expectations.
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