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Pattaya, Thailand is renowned and stigmatized as a tourist destination where the lure of cheap sex is its only "virtue." It is often referred to as a modern Sodom, where every resident is condemned as sinful or corrupt.

Yet it is a town where Thais come to work at everyday jobs, tourists enjoy good, clean holiday fun, and many expats come to retire. Thais learn English, understand foreign ways, intuit holiday dreams while middle-aged, aging or young men and Chinese, Taiwanese, South Asian, Korean, Russian families, tour groups and couples are charmed, seduced or annoyed by the myriad methods the locals have invented to entertain them.

The essence of Pattaya is defined by a balance between chaos and calm, host and guest, hustler and conned. Relationships may only be short-time, but the thriving interchange that takes place in Pattaya is more magnanimous than the sordid quickie imagined by the censorious onlooker.
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